Riot, I think it's time to move on. Or should I say, move forward.

I'll try to keep this short. You have: 1. Incredibly lore with captivating stories and tales. 2. Fantastic art with imaginative details being absolutely poured into every piece. 3. Wonderful world-building that is carefully pieced together to make as few holes as possible. 4. Fantastic creative displays of different champions, different races, and how all these places move and live like they exist. You've created a whole living, breathing world capable of so much exploration and development. And it's wasted on a game about people fighting in an arena on top of a mountain that *sometimes* interact with quips towards one another. Runeterra is a living, breathing world, Riot! You've created a marvel of an environmental playplace that any MMORPG would drool at the thought of having the chance (and creative rights) to explore. Your partnership with Marvel Comics was a good start. Now make a game that lets us explore this world more than clicking on a map. Make an MMO. Make an exploration game. Let us walk through Runeterra and interact with these great many characters and places to interact with. Do it. **EDIT: Holy smoking raccoon bell whistles I log in to see this:** **Thanks for being here, but calm down guys lol**
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