Camille's e should have an increased cooldown if she doesn't stun anything.

Camille is way too strong when it comes to escaping. Her E is too low of a cooldown for how much distance she can travel, even with the reduced range if she isn't traveling towards an enemy. I think a way to solve this issue would be to punish the player for not coming into contact with someone. The same way Thresh hook works, if he is not accurate he gets punished by having an increased cooldown. Or Renekton dash, if he doesn't come into contact with anything he can only dash once. This could also be comparable to Fiora Q, Lee Sin W, etc. The cooldown that her E has right now is perfect for if she actually hits something, where as if she misses something the cooldown should be doubled. This will heavily punish players that are bad at landing the skill shot, and players that want to use it to escape. Edit: Glad to see some people saw this. I guess I should've added that I would rather have a slight change to a champions kit rather than a typical damage lowered, armor lowered, sustain lowered, etc. Not necessarily a complete rework, but changes to the mechanics of a champion. Riot has done things like this in the past, but I feel as if they should do it more often.
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