For all the bitching we do...

Could you imagine how trash this game would be if the boards actually got their way? * First of all, ***at least*** half the champion roster would be straight up deleted right off the bat. * {{champion:268}} would be returned to his former glory of demolishing you at every stage of the game. Why sacrifice early game strength for insane mid and late game scaling when you can have all 3? * {{champion:429}} we'd ignore that we ***begged*** Riot to gut her and restore her to being the hands down best pick in all scenarios * Strong early game champions {{champion:122}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:80}} would be completely gutted because "OMG SO UNFUN. Absolutely zero counterplay!" * Any and all champions with ranged point-and-click damage {{champion:134}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:45}} (or practically point and click {{champion:1}}) are gutted due to "NO COUNTERPLAY!!!!!" * Any champion that exceeds both a 10% pick rate and 50% winrate ***ever*** is automatically deleted due to "WOW RITO! OBVIOUSLY BROKEN!!!!! 18% PICK RATE AND 50.000001% WIN RATE! NERF! NERF! NERF!". Period. End of story. * Ranged artillery mages {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}} have all their ranges cut by half because "UNFUN NO COUNTERPLAY!" despite being completely immobile. * Supports now have the highest gold income in the game despite not farming because that makes sense somehow. * ADCs automatically lose all 1v1s by default. Simply showing yourself within 1000 range of an ADC that is by themself causes them to instantly fall over dead. * {{champion:157}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:60}}{{champion:84}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:40}} ........see my first point * Point-and-click CC {{champion:90}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:117}} now causes the user to spontaneously combust for 1000 true damage/sec for 5 seconds * Junglers are now detained in fountain until 15 minutes into the game to keep them out of "***MY*** LANE" * Entering the Jungle and River is disabled until 15 minutes into the game to prevent "GANGBANG IN MUH LANE!!!" because coordinated team play is strictly forbidden. * {{champion:82}} would have 3 dashes and 400 base move speed /s Or how about instead of bitching at Riot 24/7 nonstop we actually give them some credit for keeping the game interesting for all these years? How many games can you say you've dumped hundred, if not thousands of hours into? How many of those let you play the game for free without a $60 box cost and multiple $20 DLC bundles? Or a $10+/month subscription fee? Yet we're going to tar and feather Riot for incentivizing buying some content for cash? We complain that it take a long time to buy champions with IP? **No shit?** Do you think the people designing the new champs and reworking the old ones work for free? Do you think the vastly improved quality of skins are done for the same amount of money as the old ones? If you want proof, look at Pulsefire Ezreal. That would straight up be a 1350 RP skin to today's standards. You think quality Graphic Designers are cheap? You think Riot is a charity that doesn't operate for a profit? Do you honestly think a game thats kept ***millions of players*** hooked for ***years*** is complete shit? How about we give the balance team some credit? People only bitch about what went wrong and ignore any and all positives. People only bitch about the mistakes without realizing these are just people doing their best. You think they're infallible Gods or something? **Do you think you could actually do better? LOL.** People only bitch about champions instead of learning how to deal with them. Then they complain that "Ranked is unfair! Can't climb!" when they only bitch while absolutely refusing to actively try to get better at the game. I know this may be hard to believe, but the game actually isn't over the second one team locks in {{champion:64}}. I know right?! **CRAZY!** # Riot, i want to give you a needed and **very much earned** THANK YOU. Thank you for keeping the game interesting to play for all these years. Thank you for not caving to the pressure. Thank you for not being afraid to change. Thank you for the plethora of awesome new skins. Thank you for all the bonus free content you give to us for free. Thank you for letting me play as many games as I want free of charge. Thank you for implementing features we've been asking for years like Practice Tool and replays. Thank you for keeping the game relatively well balanced and for quickly correcting the hiccups that arise. And maybe most of all, thank you for taking the ***constant*** bitching and bashing in stride. I know for a fact I couldn't do the same.
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