@RiotBalanceTeam about Zed buffs.

This in reply to GhostCrawlers recent Q&A in which he stated Zed has buffs lined up for 7.3. I'm hoping that as an Ex-Zed player (Having dropped him for other mid-lane mages), I'm hoping that you will consider looking at how the Lethality changes effect him before you consider giving him a direct buff. Source; (Timestamp 62:00 minutes). https://www.twitch.tv/leagueoflegends/v/115923219 I don't like one of my more enjoyed champions both thematically and gameplay-wise, being banned constantly in ranked when I would like to pick him. No one wants another Zed meta, and I sure as hell would like to be able to pick him in a ranked without a 70% ban-rate again. Especially since you made his kit considerably more healthy in the Assassin Update. The CD being lowered on the W per champion hit is godly. I ask that you don't jump the gun you like you did with Azir, and pull the buffs until you see how these upcoming itemization buffs will effect him. I don't really think Zed is weak, his itemization just is. That way we don't have 10000 posts saying how "broken" Zed is, and we don't have me being able to play Zed only once in 10000 games.
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