Anybody else notice how Illaoi feels almost exactly like Darius?

Yea they're both juggernauts but their kits are really similar, too similar. Passives: Both passives require you to keep your distance from them. Darius in order to not build up 5 stacks and Illaoi to not get hit by tentacles. Q: Aoe harras in lane that is annoying to play vs and makes the laning phase a bit obnoxious. W: Auto resets that screw you(the opponent) over hard. Darius slows you to get hit by his Q and Illaoi gets tentacles to slap at you. E: in lane if Darius or Illaoi land this you will typically be in a world of hurt and lose a ton of lane pressure/get pushed out of lane. Darius pulls you in to get a ton of damage off and Illaoi deals damage to you and your spirit then makes you a vessel which annoys you for the mext 12 seconds. R: Both ultimates are incredibly game changing and make the enemy want to keep their distance until it isnt as big a problem. Darius ult is a problem if he is in Noxian Might and gets kited away in order to not dunk the enemy. Illaoi makes her tentacles slap faster so the enemy just moves away from the tentacles and make her useless. If you play Darius, Illaoi feels almost the exact same. Same for Illaoi players. Why did I make this post? To show you guys how if Darius is good Illaoi becomes obsolete and if Illaoi is good Darius becomes obsolete. This is an issue.
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