@Riot When is Fiora getting buffed again?

She is a late game champion that can solo down the enemy top laner from level 1. I'm glad her Vitals deal max HP true damage, so I cannot counter it by Armor or HP. I guess I'll build MR then. She has a spammable Q with 20 mana cost all game. I'm glad her Q deals damage to turrets so she can mindlessly spam her Q even more. Even if she misses her W, for some reason she can still get the same effect as another champions ability. Why her W reduces Attack Speed I don't know. I like how her E deals half a turret plate of damage every time. Why her ultimate gives a better Janna ultimate heal? Why do I take 140% of my max HP in true damage from her ult alone? But don't worry guys. Rito Bias Games will buff her again like the last 30 times in 2 years.
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