Let's Talk about Morde

{{champion:82}} Yes this guy! As someone who liked Morde before and after rework and even back in season 3 when he valiantly carried me out of bronze, I am concerned about this champion. I like his Lore and also his gameplay but the only thing that makes me play him is his lore and his gameplay be damned... he just sucks to play as sometimes and sucks to play against. So to be clear the other day I was playing {{champion:83}} and I realized how you can't really control the ultimate and she just has a stupid AI that sometimes really cost you a long ass ultimate time but I remember when {{champion:82}} could control his soul very effectively... It actually took brain to do stuff with and now he is just bland... don't get me wrong his abilities Q , E and passive are fine but Most of my problem is with his W and Ultimate... He doesn't have a real sustain all his sustain comes from Conq, domination and his W. Let's start with the W, it's a damn shield and it heals for percentage of that shield but it sucks. You usually just use it as a shield and not as an actual sustain ability only very occasionally. I think this needs to be looked into or changed, his old W was like his passive but at least it healed and opened many doors for out play potential... now you new W very conditionally you can out play with. Now to the Ultimate.... What a balancing mess and everyone said it was op, yet it isn't. Hell half the champions can kill morde within his ult if they have some sort of a lead Cough* {{champion:420}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:122}} Cough* You can also cleanse it with a {{champion:41}} Orange {{item:3140}} or ultimately wait it out with {{item:3157}} {{item:2420}} . Yes it is an item filler but I mean you still need {{item:3140}} or {{item:3157}} for other champions so it doesn't matter that much ultimately. I like the buggy mess of his old ult back, it was fun to play with and around. Controlling a 21/3 {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} was fun and you couldn't just blindly drag them around without them being killed you had to control them as well took brain power to attack move with them sometimes. It added up more to counter play rather than buy an item and kite him around, it is unfun and I feel it is toxic to the game. (As toxic as the game is now, it shouldn't really matter) There is one last thing as well: Not a big selection of runes, his most win rate comes from conq domination build, the closest to that win rate is also conq resolve... Are you serious ? At least {{champion:164}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:86}} and many others have more to play with and around and makes them fun and interactive. So now I ask you do you like how {{champion:82}} 's gameplay is ? Is it what you wanted ? Or is just another poor rework along with many others ({{champion:84}} ) ?
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