PBE : preseason changes : welcome to league of speed games around 20 min or under 25min.

Games are sooooo fast everything is super fast paced. What the hell is that. It isn't a bad thing to begin the games earlier but to reduce time in between waves and reduce baron and drake spawn ? Wtf is league condamned to be like a mobile game moba where games last 20min ? I'm not saying that faster it's worse i'm just saying make game less longer than 20min is a big step to look alike mobile games. I don't know how the hell are we gonna enjoy league games anymore. When i win and my team steamroll i don't even have the time to be full build and to really enjoy the game because it's too easy and the opponents can't contest any fights. When i loose i'm like well if we are loosing i better stay under turret and wait for waves or just hope that a miracle happens because it's like 80% of the times impossible to come back. Now add to this games even more fast... I don't know what i will be able to enjoy anymore.
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