Hextech Chests Shouldn't Give Champion Shards

I understand that the company has to make money, but it's such a negative experience to have every champion, over 30k BE, wait for an indiscriminate amount of time for key fragments, and earn a box----to only unlock a single champion shard. It's one of the most infuriating things about hextech crafting. This frustration is exacerbated due to how easy it is to get leveling boxes, and how they typically contain more than one champion shard. I'm at a point where I would almost rather the champion shards get automatically disenchanted rather than having to do the extra step of recycling trash. There's only about 2 characters I seriously want full mastery on (which I've already achieved), the rest is just garbage to be disenchanted into BE.   It was one thing when the mastery emote was all that there was to flash, but now that we've got so many different emotes (even tho I still mostly use thumbs-up) there's not much incentive to get that banner; it just gets you flamed when you have a bad game.   The boxes (and by extension keys) that we get are supposed to be a reward for playing extremely well in a game/on a character, but as they stand right now it feels more like I'm punished for even wasting my keys on a non-masterwork box. And before we start getting into "it's a free game, you just want free loot" I've spent over $1500 on my account in all the years I've been playing. I think I've earned the right to be a little grumpy when the "freebies" that I have to invest my time into the game to earn end up being meaningless. At least before, I could stockpile 3x shards in order to reroll into the newest champion. Now, I only hang onto about 3 shards that I *might* some day have interest in pursuing mastery on. Otherwise, it's getting recycled into my ~~Emporium Points~~ Blue Essence.   Because Champion shards are so easy to acquire now, I humbly request that hextech chests have them removed from the pool of loot. Instead, I would suggest increasing the likelihood of 520 and under skins, emotes, and wards from that chest, making the Masterwork chest the "premium" skin chest with an increased chance of rolling 975 or higher skins. This would hugely alleviate the frustration from earning a champion shards after saving all your key frags, and I think would really tie together the box system as a whole.
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