Which champions do you hate playing against in lane or just in general ?

I'm just curious as to who people dislike playing against for me the break down is this. Top: {{champion:420}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:240}} Mid: {{champion:7}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:84}} ADC:{{champion:67}} {{champion:110}} or {{champion:96}} but only if paired with a {{champion:117}} support. Support: {{champion:117}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:223}} Jungle: {{champion:203}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:64}} I'm not saying all these are broken champs I'm just saying that I dislike these champs even though some could use an adjust or 2. I'm just generally curious as to who people hate/dislike.
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