Top lane is shrinking to range tops and the fighters/tanks who can deal with them

And the fighters who can't generally have nowhere else to go. And by tanks I mean Sion. This is what happens when you design a bunch of melee characters to sit in a vacuum with other melee characters and then let ranged champs dumpster lane + outscale for almost no effort. The only fighters who are worth picking, especially blind picking, are the fighters who stand a chance against BS like Kennen, Jayce, and Vlad. And now Neeko is going top with some dumb on hit build (Neeko has higher winrates every lane except mid this patch, lol) and cheesing fighters with her high damage and natural kiting. When is this going to end? How many ranged champions have to shit up top lane season after season before we look at fixing a clearly systemic issue between melee tops and ranged champs?
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