Lets talk about Tryndamere

Okay so I know Tryn can be under whelming when he is behind. However I am convinced that he is broken and has only remained unerfed because he isn't played often. If you play this game as a solo q then you have no hope of winning lane against him. If by some miracle the jungle decides to bless your lane he can easily q away. Without constant jungle pressure he has free will to trade with you and always come out on top because of the free self heal and that is Pre 6 when he hits his power spike. After he hits six the you might as well give leave the lane because he will kill you under your tower then take it anyways why does a champion who can carry late game have a ton of damage and sustain early coupled with mobility. He has been broken forever and every time he is in game he is always a threat even if he loses lane he farms the mid game and then splits by the time he has 2 items you can not 1v1 him anymore because he has his "you cant kill me button" what do you think ? Is he balanced or does he need a nerf please let me know you're opinion.

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