teeeeeeemo rework? thoughts?

So its no surprise that {{champion:17}} is in a weird spot in the game at the moment. Hes strong enough in some ways that he's kind of seeing some high elo play (this is probably a big misrepresentation, but he has a 72% wr on op.gg in challenger over 60 ish games, and about a 52.5% wr in diamond, play, and masters over the past month), but his kit is (frankly) underwhelming besides good use of his ult. He has no real pro-active initiation, his ult is finicky (almost unusable) to use in team fights, his q is just point and click damage against anybody who doesn't use autos, but gives him what is effectively a Kayle ult on an 8ish second cool-down in 1v1s against right clickers. His W is a completely outdated mobility spell that is terribly weak. His power allowance is in no way distributed properly over all. His E is probably his 'healthiest' ability so far, but could use a touch up. His ult feels really rewarding to 'land' on people but, as I mentioned before, requires creative ways to use in team fights that other champions don't need to look for. Teemo overall is a fairly low micro skill champ, and while this makes him a good champion to learn mechanics such as kiting and last hitting on for beginners, he lacks 'outplay potential' that characters like Irelia and Lucian, or really any champion with that 'new champ' smell :P. Because of that, his delivery is FAR too linear, and his power allowance is balanced around that. Simply put, Teemo occupies a niche that makes him polarizing to play against as well as forcing his balancing to revolve around an unhealthy kit. I'd like to say that while my suggestions are not completely fleshed out (no experience game designing/balancing nor a way to test them in game), I do think that there are some lessons that can be brought into an 'official' rework. Anytime * is included somewhere, that means the numbers need testing. Passive===Teemo going invisible in bushes or standing is something that is pretty unique to teemo. His passive is probably fine. Teemo is known for fulfilling two sorts of roles: lane bully/poker and pop-out-of-bush guerrilla fighter assassiny character. It currently scales from 20-80% attack speed, which, given that you have to wait somewhere to actually use it, is fine. I think a third portion that interacts with his 3 DOT abilities (new q and e below) that gives him 50%* of that bonus if he hits a champ with all 3 of his DOTs would be a cool little way to bring it into teamfights and skirmishes. Q===Teemo's Q COULD use a change, but outside of maybe splitting its dmg between initial dmg and a new DOT (60-65% initial 40-45%* as DOT for 100-110% total). The 'blind' COULD be changed to a Quinn q blind but with a decreased duration, 1-2 seconds max rank. I don't think it should be made a skillshot, but a possible small nerf to its range could be in order. W=== Move speed that goes away if he takes damage. Currently, it gives 10-26% ms, doubling to 20-52%. I think being able to kite champs is another strength teemo should maintain, but raw move-speed doesn't really help him. Considering the sheer amount of dashes and cc present in the game, its not really a good ability. IMO, it should be made a dash with about the same range of aatrox's E. But, instead of charges, it has a soft reset upon entering a bush he hasn't entered in a certain amount of time (think talon E with walls, but bushes instead). The 'reset' could be a 50% off or 100% cd, I'm not sure, but in any case couldn't be used more than once (so no perma dashing top). Of course, the CD and everything else needs ACTUAL playtesting, but a dash even as small as this would be very helpful. All the while, the passive gives MUCH less move speed, maybe 10-14%*, but he does not lose it when taking damage. E===His E rn is as follows 10-50(+30%) ap dmg on hit and 6-30(+10%) burn dps over 4 seconds. His E base dmg on hit should be lowered a little in response to the other changes i'm suggesting. Perhaps 10-30 on hit, and 5-20* base burn. His scaling on hit should be 5%-10%*. The DOT however would be moved to an active ability (Resetting auto or just applying to the next auto depending on strength) that only applies when you cast the ability. It would give teemo 25* bonus range for the next 1/1/2/2/3* autos, applying the DOT to all targets hit by the autos. The DOT could also scale to 11 or 12% ap per second to make up for a weaker early. R===His ult is fine for the most part, but should have some sort of usability outside of being reactive. I think rather than only throwing it in an arc, if he 'aims' cursor at a champ, he throws it at them a bit faster than his usual throw time (can be dodged and will then plant where they stood) and will do 1/3 dmg* and 50%* slow over the same duration and in a smaller AOE. The numbers and how it works could use some tuning, but something like this would make him more relevant in late. I think the later ranks base dmg could be lowered, but the scaling on the ability could be raised slightly/moderately. So, as a teemo main, this is just one person's honest opinion on how to make teemo (possibly) competitively viable and not be such a cheesy meme pick. Of course, its not perfect and Riot will need to make their adjustments to it. IMO, something like this would be better than teemo's current state, and will not change how the champion plays at his core. I'd love to hear some feedback (and maybe if any rioters actually care about the cute little guy, them too) because this accomplishes the above goals for ME; it may be too big a change for yalls.
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