Support: Reduction & Removal of Mages

So with the nerfs/buffs to support items and most mages will be virtually phased out due to them (ad/vanguards will reign) can we expect any compensation buffs for said mages that were never meant to be Supports? Lux, Brand, Annie, Zyra, Xerath, Vel'Koz -- can we see any base stat or ability adjustments to help them be more competitive mid lane? It's no surprise that they (mostly Lux, Brand & Zyra) are so insanely weak compared to other mid laners or mages that they have abysmal winrates and aren't strong versus anyone. Just wanted to know since they're being phased out all-but-entirely from Support. Also when will any compensation buffs be seen for the Tank Supports? Alistar, Leona, Braum, Taric primarily. Enchanters will at least live since their mana costs are pretty low (with the exception of Sona) but the likes of Alistar are entirely screwed. There is no support item that they want, and there is no mana regen outside of Athenes or Redemption both of which Alistar doesn't want to build... yet we have his basic abilities costing 80-120 mana each.
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