Singed is completely unplayable

Conqueror has made it so that matchups he used to counter now counter him along with the fact that he just can't deal with ranged top lanes at all. For how much counter play he has and for how much it work it takes to master him, its genuinely shocking that he is allowed to be this bad after years of indirect nerfs after he was targeted directly. Why does the balance team ignore it? I don't know what else to say. Singed mains can't even figure out how they want to play him anymore and its almost universal agreement that he's a troll pick the higher up you climb. He's far more tolerable to deal with than most of the top laners who are currently powerful picks. For people who say "no, he's cancer;" If Riot buffed Gnar then there's no reason not to help Singed. Lets not hold a double standard here.
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