What is balancing team thinking?

For some time now i had doubts about Riot's balancing team, but now i really think they are trolling us. Recent changes that makes me think this; 1. Super buff on Vayne's R+Q ability! 2. Buff on Nasus. 3. Hard nerfs on Irelia. 4. Hard nerfs on Galio. 5. Hard nerfs on WHOLE jungle instead of just few champions that were problem. 6. Armor nerf on Kassadin? Wow you out did yourself, he was mage killer anyway! 7. Recent changes with Ornn. 8. Sunfire cape cost is decreased is like you didn't do anything. That item need serious fixing because its total shit! 9. Baron nerf. When i say hard nerfs i mean it could be changed better, rather they be like "let's just decrease everything and see what happens". Who are you talking with about this nerfs/buffs? Why are you putting random numbers and hope nobody will notice? Who is responsible for this kind of shit? When will you start listening to majority of community? Cya @ rift boys/girls!
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