I started playing in season 8, I was a jungle main. I had fun playing in a meta where I felt like i made a difference in the game and i could put the enemy jungle behind Then the crab Changes dropped. You had to adapt, you had to update your champion pool, you had to play differently. Nobody liked it because it made junglers NEED scuttlecrab to keep pace. Which meant you needed at least one pushing/winning lane on each side of the map (mid was best because it meant you could contest either side). Then people realized golems allowed you too keep pace by basically rubber banding that camp plus buffs and just camping bot/top (whatever side your golems were on) This made is so both side lanes just played hyper passive if your jungle wasnt there. Making it too easy to predict a gank. Then season 9 rolled around and riot finally decided to gut the entire jungle in exp, basically meaning to keep pace EXP wise you need to rubber band every camp and buffs and get ganks off every other minute. This makes it so not only can you not create leads inside of the jungle (expect karthus because he can do what i just described.) But that essentially makes you always have the same level as the support unless you are constantly leeching exp by pushing off your ganks. In conclusion, jungle players cannot make even 1 mistake, or they fall 3-4 levels behind laners and unless you have winning/gankable lanes, the gap cant be made up at all. Yes im silver, but this holds true throughout the ranks, in order to stay relevant as a jungle champ aside from sej or karthus, you need to have a flawless game. No bad deaths, minimal unsuccessful ganks and strong vision coverage. While people might say that jungle is too strong, even still, yes people still think jungle is strong. In order for a jungle to have an actual effect on a lane you need for your team to at least have enough health to engage a fight. or else the enemy laner will simply walk away from you or just turn and double kill you and your laner cause you're 3 levels lower and don't start building stats until 1000 gold in after your boots and smite upgrade on most champs. So what im saying is that Riot clearly doesn't understand the impact (and lack therof) of the jungle and how to balance. They saw 3 min ganks as a bad thing. So they listened to laners and nerfed that, then they saw junglers keeping pace with 3 camps rubber banded without needing the teams assistance and nerfed that too. But instead of just nerfing that 1 camp (golems) they nerfed the entire jungle. Basically removing the role meant to create and build on leads in the early game from the early game. While simultaneously making scaling junglers worse as well by nerfing the gold and EXP gain from crabs. Except Karthus. (A midlane AP hyper carry) Whos now the best jungle champ. Somehow.
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