To all the players complaining about "busted champs"...

Macro play and individual skill matters more in low elo than "op/meta" champs in low elo. You know why? Because there are significant skill differences in low elo whereas in high elo, most players are similarly skilled and can actually use the advantage of a meta champ. Just because you lost to a champion that is meta or strong right now, doesn't mean it's because the champion is "overtuned." It means you weren't able to play well. Stop giving yourself excuses by complaining about you feeding to a player better than you. Every champion has its weaknesses and counterplay. Is that champion strong early, mid, or late game? Does he/she scale? Adapt to the situation instead of complaining about something that is not inherently broken. It's like saying Zed is broken even though he has a 49% win rate compared to other top tier mid laners with higher win rates.
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