this game is broken, today i quit, cya guys.

So the subject is, this game is out of control, it's not fun anymore, all i loved in this game was remade/nerfed deleted: - 70% games solved before minute 10 mark -if you do 1 mistake especially top (sorry for you guys, it's a suicide to play top lane), or you ganked - you are done, in most cases you will suck rest of the game -my favourite role marksman is not playable anymore, too much dependence of your support (usually autofilled haha what a joke riot), marksman can't do anything by their own, if you do 1 little mistake you are dead, also bot lane getting ganked right after buff while you are not even finished 1st wave, hilarious isn't it? WHAT A FUN GAMEPLAY, uh yeah 5 man bot camp clown fiesta for sure. -ap support is a cancer of botlane, it's a 2nd midlaner wich don't need to farm and has wards, outdamage any adc during all game and still able to oneshot adc at any stage of the game -assassins are broken, mages broken, lethality is broken, balance is broken -in 9.8 Master Yi Highlander (R) [New] Master Yi is ghosted (can move through units) during R AHAHAAHA WHAT A JOKE Clap Clap Clap Riot, gl with that guys you don't have enogh bans to ban all op champions. -new rune system is harder to balance then the old one runes+masteries, i've never seen this game on a such bad balance spot. -riot made new accounts to let smurfing bustards with 30 lvl accounts to ruin games more easier -2 preamdes for a team possible ahahaha what a joke, enemy team can have 2 premades while your team are all solos, riot made this intentionaly, they force us to play more games and made us never rich our goals (climb or whatever) -most champions buffed right before the new skin is going to come out in next patch, riot doing business, they don't care about you guys they want money, stop give them money... I've spend a lot of money for this account, that's why i couldn't quit 3 years ago, i was fooling myself for so long, i almost did it, but i came back after half of the year break, now i don't care, i'm done Riot goodbye. P.S. i'm sorry for my english, just a soul cry to say good bye, it was a fun first 4 seasons i was in love with this game, after that there was no fun at all. P.S.S. about toxicity this game makes ppl scream on each other, insulting for a mistakes instead of help etc. but not because ppl are bad, but because ppl are humans, humans make mistakes and bad decitions it's ok, but this game doesn't forgive mistakes anymore, riot made it like this, it's not that friendly fun game we all start to play long ago.
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