Masteries + runes + items are applied in what order??

So I was trying to calculate if %HP runes would end up being higher end game than HP per level for Shen based on which items I planned on buying + runes and masteries applied when I realized I had no idea in what order the bonuses were applied. There are quite a few different sources to consider here 36HP from masteries 3% tototal HP from masteries 120 HP per leve from runes (my setup) 4.5% from runes 25% additional bonus HP from cinderhulk X hp from items There are so many different things to consider here mainly revolving around does the bonus 25% hp factor in the runes and masteries including % total as "bonus health" or does that % of total health boost apply the other way around after the "bonus" is calculated. Also are the runes 4.5% bonus calculated after the 3% from masteries, or both together? Does the 36HP from masteries count the same as health from items in game and become effected by cinderhulk? and the same question for the HP per level runes, do they get calculated the same way as the 36HP? In the end is it really that much of a difference in the order they are calculated? Well to be quite honest yes it is. How many times have you just barely survived or died by an ignite or other misc dmg. Eeeking out a little more HP can actually make a difference and I would really like to be able to calculate the difference.
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