I don't think I like where season 10 is going at all...

So, as was already pointed out by others, the EXP changes in top lane basically force the laners to have to choose between actually doing well in lane, or gimping themselves in lane by losing the exp lead. I feel like the issue is even more compounded by turret plating. Like, sure, you can go bot lane and help your ADC get a kill, but now you've lost a ton of EXP top lane, your lane opponent just got 360 free gold off of hitting your tower the entire time you were gone, plus whatever he got from minions, and now in all likelihood, you're going to come back to lane and get bullied right back out of it because they have a level up on you, and are half a completed item ahead of you. Couple that with the new RNG rift dragon things, and this new season is looking like it'll be even more coin-tossey than the last.
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