Legends of Runeterra Spell speed resolution is inconsistant Feedback

Here is a copy of my Legends of Runeterra game mechanic bug report (I hope some riot staff see's this to make adjustments): > Some "Play:" card effects resolve after fast speed spell cards counters. > > For example: "Deny" can be played before "Avarosan Marksman Play: Deal 1 to an enemy unit" resolves. Others like "Icevale Archer Play: Frostbite an enemy" does not allow for fast speed spell cards, like "Deny", to be played before the effect is resolved. > > Please add consistency for this mechanic, at least. > > It is extremely frustrating for for the same "Play:" card effects to interact at different speeds. > > It would also be helpful to indicate some how when "Play:" or "When I'm summoned" are resolved before or after fast speed spells. > > This would help improve your game, thank you.

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