Something Needs To be done about hecarim

It’s no reason you see him being played by so many people both high and low elo. The champion needs to be nerfed or atleast corrected. There is no way you can counter gank the champion. Which is pretty bad no champion should be that overpowered. Let me explain he is a tank that does damage like a zed or yasuo but unlike zed and yasuo they aren’t tanks and they can be stopped and dealt with. When hecarim comes towards you 1- he’s tanky which honestly isn’t that bad- 2 his movement speed is drastic which honestly isn’t that bad 3- when him pushes u back even if you stun him to make a play it does nothing .. the purpose of a stun is to stun people having someone that gets stunned and can still dash though a stun defeats the purpose of the game. There is no logic behind that! And for a champion who’s kit DOES NOT HAVE A SPELLSHEILD OR ITEM THAT BLOCK SPELLS to be able to dash through your spells and everything is completely illogical by all means ... to show you just how bad it it is the one stun in the game that is to stop you dead in your tracks is Malzahar’s ultimate ... Like Lux’s bind, Morgana’s Q, Neeko W he dashed through all of them even if he it stunned before a charge ... if you guys don’t see something wrong with that then you need better employees Number 5 is most un- Ethical thing that I’ve ever seen. His healing is way too much he heals 500 health per ever q and conquer proceeds to give me additional healing when proc ../ it doesn’t matter how flawless your combos are he just heals it back ....Idk Man Riot games you guys are very good a disappointing people .. my grandma taught me to speak the good as well as the bad... You guys do very good things when it comes on to you graphics and creating things .. but your balance team need to be fired ... Period ‼️‼️‼️‼️

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