Could we please get a bit of context on Janna's nerf in the 5.17 patch?

Patch 5.17 Notes
Greetings, summoners. Welcome to Patch 5.17, the oneafter the Juggernaut one. We considered titling it something else, but with the incredible impact of the last update we thought it made sense to bring it up again. While definitely strong (hey Skarner), the landscape of 5.16 is far less apocalyptic than its contents may have predicted.
> Q - Howling Gale MINIMUM RANGE 1100 ⇒ 850 BONUS RANGE WHILE CHARGING 20% increase per second ⇒ 35% increase per second Janna has been a strong pick for a long time and surely deserves nerfs, but I'm curious as to how you guys at the balancing team decided what to nerf on her kit. I thought the balancing team had a philosophy of first nerfing what is not essential to a champion's gameplay identity, an example of that were {{champion:222}} Jinx's nerfs. First we saw some changes on her ult damage, even though her attack speed and turret destruction were her strongest points. As the ult nerfs weren't enough, we later had some changes on her Q attack speed scaling that did not unvalidate her early game nor weaken late game, but did balance a bit more. So why did {{champion:40}} Janna get a** huge 250 nerf on her Q's minimum distance **along with ult AP scaling nerfs in the first patch? The first nerf was bolded as this is the one I would consider game breaking to her identity, as nerfing healing AP scalings from her ultimate doesn't hurt Janna's identity of being a kiter and disengager. We only had on PBE the ultimate AP scaling nerf, reducing her healing per second (the minimum Q range nerf was not in PBE, having its first appearance on the official Patch Notes). That nerf could be compared to Jinx's first ult damage nerf, touching her somewhere it doesn't hurt that much. If Janna's ultimate nerfs weren't enough, we would find that out later and hit somewhere else in a way that strips a bit of her power but not decimate an aspect of her gameplay. Janna's Q also came with a maximum distance buff, which is not effective as it simply evens out the until-then live maximum range, possibly even less. My feedback on the instant cast range of the ability is that it no longer serves the same purpose of a responsive disengage, as we are now expected to let it charge on a situation that does not give us the means to do so. **TL;DR:** Janna's responsive disengage was gravely affected/reduced as her new range is of about **850** and can't be charged up in order to continue being a responsive disengage. ~~(for the sole purpose of having notion of range, Blitzcrank's Q = 950 range)~~ **My proposal would be to make Janna's Q Howling Gale minimum range increase as it is maxed, keeping her nerfed minimum range at 850 in the early stages. Something like 850 / 900 / 950 / 1000 / 1050 (originally 1100) or even 800 / 850 / 900 / 950 / 1000 to still have her minimum range nerfed late game by 100.** It would affect Janna's early game power and a bit of mid game, as she would have to max her Q in order to have a bigger range (Most Janna players max shield (E) first then W for the movement speed bonus. Making her Q become the first or second maxed ability would either make Janna's shields weaker for a while or not allow players to go bootless Janna) These are just suggestions to the balancing team, as I don't believe the Nerf on Janna's Howling Gale was balanced and fair to her identity and gameplay. Janna is** not** good at everything, she does not have damage or reliable sustain to serve any purpose without an ally by her side. She no longer has significative gap closers on her kit after the Q nerf as it does not reach most runaway enemies (_I'm considering her passive towards allies as a somewhat gap closer, even though it's barely noticeable. Talisman of ascencion helps a lot, but it is not from her kit and could benefit any support_). Thanks for reading and feel free to share your opinions about both Janna's balance and my point of view/suggestions! :)
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