Crit based champions are always going to be meta unless...

The very nature of crit just doesn't fit into the game the way it currently is amd here's why. Crit in most other games (non Moba) usually does not DOUBLE your damage. It usually has a modifier of something like 120-150%. Take diablo for example. You can increase your crit damage and chance by getting gear that does so. This means that if you want to crit you have to spec for it. Now in leage the base crit damage modifier is 200%. We all know this but the question is why. We have infinity edge which increases it even more and nobody ever thought that infinity edge is a problem. I think that adcs doing the most damage in the game is probably not the right way to have a game design. Divers are high risk high reward and they should be the ones that deal the most damage. Adcs however having range over every other champion in the game should not hold all the power over every other class. If the crit modifier however was 150% and infinity edge adding and additional 50% the meta wouldn't be so blatantly one sided. (Yasuo also needs a nerf). The problem isn't adcs. It's the amount of damage they do instantly. Why is draven killing you in 2 auto attacks? Why is vayne 3 shot pentakilling the whole team? Why is Tristana killing you and you can't even get close to her? Jinx killing an entire team with exploding autos and a hurricane? Caitlin being caitlin? The only problems with the game right now comes from the adc corner.

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