Years of changes, reworks and reverts later LeBlanc, Rengar and Fizz are STILL fundamentally broken.

I've been here for almost every single change to LeBlanc and started playing before Fizz and Rengar. Hell I named my cat Rengar right after his release. At no point in the history of league have these champions felt good to play and good to play against. It might be time to admit that you cannot balance their current play styles. {{champion:105}} Probably needs to be reworked as a skirmisher with an extended play pattern of engage/disengage instead of an assassin. Making him a healthy assassin would require removing or reworking his passive, Ultimate and Troll Pole to the point where it alienates Fizz mains. {{champion:7}} Needs a massive overhaul including but not limited to a real ultimate with a real cooldown. {{champion:107}} Either needs a massive rework to all abilities to be a healthy assassin or needs to become a skirmisher instead. We can keep nerfing and buffing these champions and continuing the cycle of abuse or we can actually make major changes and fix the bastards.
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