New001: "We're very happy with the state of the game"

- Most ranked games are determined in the first 10 minutes and games end before the 25min mark and champions don't even have half their item built. - Assassins can combo kill every role, including Tanks. - Tower Plates are a worse offender to gold advantage than old dragon mob. - Every role is good at playing atleast 2 roles except enchanter supports (Soraka, Nami, Lulu) - Item balance still hasn't improved and buying armor vs AD assasssins doesn't do anything. (When are we getting new support and tank items?) - Favoritism for certain champions even with high pick/winrates ex: Lux, Riven, Thresh - Lack of effective action for reports. The amount of toxic players has been progressively getting worse. - Horrible Rune balance with wrong runes in the wrong tree. If you are lucky enough to have the right combination of good runes that fit your champion you win. Ex: Why is Ingenious Hunter in the domination tree?
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