Udyr is literally the most tilting champion in the game.......... for the person who is playing him.

Today is the first time I ever actually broke something I was so mad. If you have ever had suicidal thoughts... first of all, get professional help.... and second, definitely don't play Udyr because if anything can possibly tilt you to the uttermost, it's playing Udyr. He's literally the most kitable champion in the game. Moreso even than Darius. At least darius has apprehend. Udyr legit has nothing that isn't point blank range, except of course his R which is trash. I'm not sure what exactly is so infurating about playing Udyr. But it's some kind of frustrating combination of being so powerful, yet so weak, at the same time. Pressing E (which is his bear form, which makes him run faster) so hard and so fast that you nearly break your freakin finger off, just trying to run faster, because that's literally all you can do. Run faster, DANGIT. RUN FASTER. Nope. And the second to worst part is when the enemy team picks Udyr, and I have to see them suffer, as I once did. To see an Udyr get beat in a duel with an ezreal. Watching as the Udyr, who must be breaking his finger against the E key, helplessly tries to catch the Ezreal, but alas, he dies. It breaks my heart, because I've been that Udyr. I know the feeling. If only he could get his hands on them, he'd win, RIGHT? WRONG. Because not only is he the most kitable, but he's also NOT necessarily able to beat everybody in a straight up slug fest. And that's the really cuel part, when an Ornn beats an Udyr in a duel. It's the tilt of legends. Ornn has so much in his kit... dashes, knockups, an ult that sweeps the whole battlefield. Udyr? Nothing but melee. And yet Ornn can beat Udyr in a deal, if the Ornn can kite him a little between the cooldowns of his flame breath.. ISN'T THAT GREAT!?! If you want a happy life and less tilt, don't ever... EVER... play Udyr. He's the most tilting champion in the game to play.
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