Why jungle is so nerfed and game feels so ugly that It made me to uninstall league twice?! It was a great game until season 7 tho... Jungler (powerfarm+stole 2 camps, red and raptors of enemy jungler) 3/0/1: 6lvl Support: 0/0/0 6lvl ADC: 0/0/0 7lvl Mid: 0/1/0 7 Lvl Top: 1/1/0 7 Lvl Whole season 8 and before junglers had 25% or more XP. that means all those seasons were wrong, let's make junglers a support role, solo carry is over for junglers even if ur playing in lower elo. They wanted to reduce lvl2 jungler powers, they failed again. They wanted to nerf jg overall performance, They succeed cuz Jungle is dead. Only viable champs are early game and heavy ganker junglers, no more powerfarm, no more fights with junglers for their buffs/camps. They even nerfed scuttle. Hey Riot? I'm done with this game. I know I won't be missed but until they make something great Imn't coming back. P.S. Oh and for 3 months of preseason we've got turret plating. No new items, runes, jungle changes, item reworks, etc. P.P.S Don't forget the overall dmg is still damn high and nothing changed yet.
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