@Meddler Do you guys ever rework a champion because they're boring?

Most, if not all the reworks I see for champions are because they're either toxic or hard to balance or lacking a strategic niche in some way, shape or form. But a few champions just fall off of the meta when not overtly op (despite being reasonably powerful) because they're just not terribly fun to play. Galio seems like a good example of this; he's got a highpoint on his ult, but everything else feels pretty meh. I would also put Karma in that catagory as well, since there's nothing too exciting about her kit, even mantra'd E feels pretty bland considering the accessability of Talisman and Locket. I'm sure there are other examples, but I was just curious, do (and will you) you ever rework based on how much fun someone is to play?
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