Minor Fiora Buff

So, I really like the Fiora Rework in concept. It's great, but it lacks a very important tool that Fiora absolutely needs to accomplish the fencer/duelist fantasy. She's supposed to be nimble, swift, and deadly right? So, why does she feel absolutely immobile? Your Q is short ranged, and if you use it to go in - You have nothing to get out. So, a minor suggestion that might help her 'duel' more, and be more useful in a fight. Simply, if Lunge hits a vital, it resets completely. This will enable her a bit better trading in lane, darting in and out for quick procs of her passive, and will give her the necessary mobility to actually use her ultimate for more than the heal. Let's face it getting more than 2 of those marks off is nearly impossible as is. If it proves overbearing, numbers could be adjusted, but as is, her kit just does not have the mobility demanded of her.
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