Morganas current (terrible) state

Hello everyone, I think it's about right time, that we discuss ( with the upcoming pre-season update) the issue of Morgana, both as design and as a champion... Ever since the lore update, as Kayle Morgana joint rework, only thing Morgana kept was her kit, and following up the decision making of some league picks, her kit was getting constant nerfs... Nowadays, how often is Morgana actually seen as a threat, moreover, as an actual champion pick, or choice to be picked? (Disregarding that she is majorly only picked to counter some botlane supports like blitz or thresh, in which roles she is also not doing her finest anymore? ) To put it simply, she is one of the champs, that has kept her core gameplay mechanics ever since season one, binding enemies with Q ( annoying them if nothing more, with long snare duration and being the only burst cast ability she has) and giving spellshield... Eventually also dealing small amounts of W damage and early game providing lead with R combo engage (if played well) Her passive is one of the most discardable and possibly, ignoreable ones ( Comparing it for example, to Nasuses passive, with whom she shared old scaling mechanic per level), making her unable to even sustain herself off minions or anything more swarmable (since after all, AoE is only 1/3 effective) Question 1: -Why is the Dark Fallen angel, that we know as Morgana, so locked down in her current nerf meta, that she is un-viable anywhere beyond botlane support ( and even then, considered a troll if not building straight up redemption and chalice ) = Forced Lane meta? When was last time anyone has seen her on lane? And that the laning stage didn't feel as depressive as some of her lines, for the player playing her? Question 2: -Who in the bright mind, would consider her deadly, OP or anything in similiar regard, when we take into notice , jeezzz.... I dunno, LUX? Or maybe even Xerath? No wait, it took us 10 years to realise that AP malphite was also MORE VIABLE as AP than an Morgana... There are many more champions that can be compared to a #support role, while also not being locked out of possibility to midlane / toplane, or even jungle ( some can even go duo ap bot ), while others can just build their casual non adaptive mechanic anywhere (yes I am looking at you, Mr. Support Brand )... To put it simply... WHAT can we do, to make this champion feel like a CHAMPION ( possibly non depressive Snare Q Engine ) on this cleansing and evolving (currently Speed is quite a great stat - more kiting) battlefield? What can we do, to lift up Morganas mechanic, even with a small amount of rework / tweak, to provide her with utility for some CREATIVITY and lane dominance as a solo champion, or actual threat generator on botlane? Diana is getting a nice update soon, that will make her a lot more interesting to combo out, so why not Rework / Tweak a Season 1 Morgana, to an updated universe?
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