Crit changes do nothing to bring non-marksmen into the botlane

Ok so if I bring a mage into the new botlane then ADCs will be able to... win earlygame still cause they don't need to use mana most of the time... So bringing in a Fighter aaaaand I got outdamaged unless my support is a tank who always magically coordinates perfectly with me in order to kill the enemy support+ADC Bringing in an Assassin aaaand I get outscaled if I don't win the lane with at least 3/0 and the enemy ADC is 0/3 Not to mention that Stormrazor is going to make Draven, Graves, Quinn, Jhin, and Kindrid might ACTUALLY be (somewhat more)viable with some extra upfront burst to help her out Overall the crit changes aren't going to bring non-marksmen into the botlane like Riot said they would try to do in the preseason goals video

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