To Rioters about creating an engaging competitive environment.

Im gonna start this thought talking about Super Smash Brothers Melee. One of the older gaming competitive scenes that is still relevant to this day. A few of the reasons that makes that game awesome as a competitive title is how the skill ceiling keeps on getting heightened by new techs that keep on getting discovered. When the players are able to push to push the code to work for them. Be it if it was intended by the developers or not its very interesting to see a player base continually pushing the boundaries of that game. I bring this up because of the constant updating of this game. Its one of the selling points of league where it will continue to update itself to stay balanced while including new content about once or twice a month. Ironing out bugs and shaping the meta so that the most characters are playable without being outclassed. Though with only having an ability to play a patch for 3 weeks there isn't much time to actually dive deep into what makes it tick. When 6.24 came out and stayed around for a month before 7.1 the bot lane got revolutionized with Ziggs bot. It wasn't pushed by Riot it just happened overtime. Ziggs was "reworked" mid season 6 but saw play only in mid lane if any. Then when 6.24 settled in and it wasn't until after the new year(So about more than 2-3 weeks since the release) did we start to see APC Ziggs bot. Which opened up other roles to fulfill the ADC role. This was exciting and made me think about what else lies underneath the game we currently have. Following the meta is like running next to a car on the road. If you slow down its long past you. If you keep up with it you could get to the destination you want to get to. If the car turned into a walking man you could look around and maybe find alternative routes to your destination while following it. What I'm trying to say is that this game's updates move so fast that its hard to dive deep into the material and find other strategies. I don't know how to solve this problem because it is a major selling point of your platform to continually update and no doubt you would lose consumers if you were to slow down the patches but I implore you to look into slowing down the machine but come out with MASSIVE updates(I never played DOTA 2 but I'm guessing thats how they operate from what I hear) then replace your normal updates with even smaller updates. I hope to hear from a rioter. <3

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