[Champion Rework Suggestion] [Game mechanics] Zilean

* **Passive - Fragmented Timelines:** If a champion out of Zilean's field of vision approaches close enough, there is a chance that he or she may see possible projections of the jungle's enemies / monsters (none of them actually matches the actions they will take but only warn them) . When dying, Zilean mind gets stuck in time and can project itself to an area around its body, with reduced field of vision, allies and enemies can see its spectrum. * **Q - Timing Pump:** Zilean concentrates his cronomagic in an area, smashing the timeline violently, causing damage and slowness to enemies. * **W - Time distortion:** Using this ability on allies speeds up your progression in the timeline, increasing your movement speed and adding a small and temporary extra percentage of cooldown reduction. Using this ability on enemies causes slowness in them. Using this ability on a _Time Bomb_ will cancel the bomb and create an area where enemy moves are reversed. * **E - Just one chance:** Zilean goes into a trance and navigates through thousands of future temporal possibilities, sending projections of himself over the map, activating this ability again allows Zilean to choose which projection he will see (he will stand still during the second activation). Using this ability on a _Time Bomb_ cancels the bomb and teleports Zilean to the bomb site. * **R - I Refuse:** Zilean breaks the timeline in an area, challenging the universe, a gear will appear around the area to which the player can rotate, the more it rotates, the more seconds its retrocedes and life are sacrificed. The life bar is divided into 5 parts, each spent part corresponds to 1 second retroceded in time, in case Zilean uses all 5 parts, he dies. (allies and enemies are affect by this skill).
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