@Meddler you talked about making melees viable Botlane

Ghostcrawler talked about Botlane Diversity in his last Q/A https://i.gyazo.com/ab6a3ce8a5c053729ae70604d891ffcc.png > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cjhHlGTK,comment-id=000600020001,timestamp=2017-02-10T21:26:49.193+0000) > > We'd like to get melee champs into bot someday too. That's a much bigger task than getting mages in though, given mages tend to be closer in functionality to marksmen to begin with. Now is the **best time to make it happen** With the new runes system you get to change completly the meta in favor of a refreshing game+diversity+more strategy Marksmen are played constantly because of their monstrous poke that takes ages to get countered by all-in as in duolane you get lvl 3 after 3 min/5 min, in the meantime they will poke so hard that if you ever get lvl 3 without dying you won't be able to fight anymore Sieging is not a problem i can assure you that. As an ADC Darius player i'm able to siege with a Q to prepare {{item:3078}} proc, then AA+AA again+W to proc triforce again and the tower lost 50% of its hp. https://i.gyazo.com/c5158e0c81215ce68b8021ce456e7a15.jpg take a look a this, an old screenshot of a game in master tier where i won without a ranged champion in the my team (minus nami) The real problem **THE ONLY PROBLEM** is laning against marksmen in duolane where we get less xp So how is this related to runes? you get to be able to change completly the facts with the new runes don't give to marksmen a huge poke tool like AD/AS runes give to melee something to survive against ranged poke like more hp regen if there is an ally around you make runes interacting with allies just like **the shielding keystone** i'm happy about this keystone SO MUCH as we will be able to reduce ranged poke done by marksmen by a lot please meddler, consider your changes to a more diverse botlane if you do it we will be able to play {{champion:122}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:82}} without fearing the lack of a REAL frontline that are tanks bringing the initiation and cc that melee carries need to win
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