i found a fix for microstuttering

For context i have 16gb of ram, an i7 7700HQ and a GTX 1060. and i like the league of legends art. ive been getting very brief frame stuttering in all my games for the last week and couldnt figure out why, so like google told me i reinstalled drivers and went through a shit ton of loops with no results. The biggest changes in my system recently were installing new graphics drivers and installing LeagueDisplays. Turns out the microstuttering wasn't from NVIDIA bonking their new drivers again. it was because i have LeagueDisplays changing the background every minute, and the stutter happens during that time only. i reduced the frequency to only change background once per day and the stutters are gone. i'll just manually change the background with a right click from now on i guess lol. i had it rotating between all the hottest girls (like arcade miss fortune) :P
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