ReWorking Myself into a Gold+ Player

For the past few weeks I have taken a break from ranked. I wondered why I was stuck in bronze. (I know it's not elo hell. You beat people you are better than. In call of duty I could carry any team of shit to an easy win with my SR25 or USR.) ... (Sorry for the console reference, hang me later.) Well, after changing my mindset and really looking at where my screw ups were I decided to check out some youtubers. Even checked recent leaderboards to see where they stacked up. I mainly check out youtubers who mained the same lane as myself. I learned from many of them even the ones who said "you're just bad." Because even though **it's true**. It stung. So I checked out more videos and lately I've been in practice tool and blind pick. (Keep in mind I'm low elo so any practice is good practice. Unlike at high elo where the only learning happens in ranked games. When I say I looked at my mistakes I mean it. My CS was falling off horribly late game. And pretty terrible throughout to be completely honest. -I had no clue what positioning was. -What is "dodging skill shots?" -What do you mean roam? -You can actually CONTROL the minion waves????? -Don't flame? Ha yeah, okay -insert insult here- I realized I had/have a loooooooonng way to go. _Begin epic montage of running up stairs and bleachers and punching air to Eye Of The Tiger_ Practice tool is a god send. I think it could use a few tweaks, maybe a counter for what perfect CS would be, and a GPM counter. 5x a day I practice CSing to 5:00 with no items, no runes, no masteries. 5x a day I practice CSing to 5:00 like normal, (Full runes, masteries, starting items.) 5:00 a day on aimbooster, that website that helps you improve accuracy and response time. Before this I was averaging 50% CS. (Just awful.) Now, Early game, I average closer to 80%. Which has allowed me to really lower the amount of time it takes to get my first buy. I back for a {{item:2031}} {{item:3134}} or {{item:3155}} depending on what I'm against, and another {{item:1036}}. {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} I also learned a ton about how to actually make a game flow and snowball, like after taking a dragon I can rotate bot lane and help get first tower for an easy ult kill and forced back at least. Spam pinging objectives have taken me a long way too. I also stopped playing with friends. It tends to be distracting and too relaxing as well. I will be talking more shit than I am trying to win the game. Learning what my role in the game as a mid laner is really helped me. Essentially now I play in coordination with my jungler. Not meaning I ask to be camped, but I watch them closely to see where they gank. When my jungler ganks top, I go bot as soon as I am free. Odds are, when the bot lane enemy sees our jungler top lane, they will get more aggressive thinking they can't be ganked. (Low tier mistakes.) Little things like this have improved me quiet a bit. I stopped playing every champion in the game. I play two champions now when I'm looking to carry, which you should expect to always do in bronze/silver ranked. {{champion:50}} , and {{champion:238}} . ({{champion:103}} is a rarely used pocket pick against stupid simple champions like Annie, or just really strong champions that are skillshot reliant. (Thank you ahri ult and Q movement speed.) I really looked at the math behind league. Damage towers do, how items work with other items, runes and masteries, as well as the damage scaling of my summoner {{summoner:14}} Of course for most of you this is just common knowledge. But I had never truly looked at the numbers. I just built stuff with high damage or followed the recommended like I was reading a book. Basically I've "Reworked Myself" and I want to know what you think. I know I have yet to really master or grasp much of this game. But it is a game I love and really hope to "git gud" at, as so many people tell me to in game. "The secret of success is to stop fighting with the old, and start working with the new."
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