Malzahar Mains TRY THIS!

So I'm on a crusade to get malz his kill pressure/viability back as a ap carry, and have found these two options. I've tried and tested the first one, and will be trying the second one tonight (though in practice test is seems to work!) The items for both are: Roa Rylais Liandries Serephs Deathcap/Voidstaff for damage or Warmogs if you want the cheese **First option: Tanky malz! ** So this is weird but hear me out. The idea behind this was you farm a lot on malz, and we've all left our voidlings to farm while we ran away and still got xp and gold, so I thought "i wonder if it works with overgrowth." Answer: Yes it does! With this build I managed 4.2k hp, 450ap (Before DC) in 34 minutes. I was support. **Inspiration ** Unsealed spellbook Magical footwear Minion Dematerializer Approach Velocity (For those that don't know this works with Rylais making it even easier to refresh Malefic Visions!) **Resolve ** Font of Life (Also Works with Rylais)/Chrystalis Overgrowth **Second Option: Kill Pressure Malz! ** Yes there is a way to have kill pressure again!!! Gasp! Again it's weird but going by the numbers should work and also gives the benefit of a pretty decent healthpool! In practice at level 6 with a blasting wand and dorans ring I did 1.1k damage to the target dummy at level 6 with my ult combo (e, w, r) by the time my ult had ended (so the voidling damage after this point, or any q to finish could give higher results). In theory the hp pool shouldn't really be much different from the 1st option, just watch for when your jg is doing raptors and stand the other side of the wall :P. **Domination ** Electrocute Anything you fancy Eyeball Collection (For the test it was still at 0) or anything else Doesn't Really matter **Resolve ** Font of Life (Still Works with Rylais)/Chrystalis Overgrowth As I said I'm going to try the second one tonight, but for once electrocute being difficult to proc on him makes it more likely to be up when your ult is. Try them out and let me know your experience!!!
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