So they've reverted Kog'maw and several of the Assassins....

Am I the only one hoping a few Mages that were fucked over by the class updates get the same treatment? In particular: Malzahar, who lost his unique ability to waveclear and roam, and Mordekaiser, who was unfairly put into a different class and then nerfed into oblivion because in changing one of his core abilities they made it impossible to balance (oddly enough also lost his strong ability to waveclear). Please discuss. Do you agree, disagree? Is Malzahar okay being cautiously balanced due to his possibility as a support? Is Mordekaiser alright having to focus his W first, and be near a minion/ally to get the damage from his W? Are there any _other_ champions you think were fucked over by their class update? (That said, I much preferred old Zac, Maokai, and Sejuani, but I doubt they'd revert those)

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