[Idea for a Rune] "In times of need"

Hey there, just wanted to leave an idea I had recently. We all know these situations when a stun, heal, damage (or ult) just had 1 second cooldown or less on it and it would have saved someone or secured a kill - in short it would have changed the situation in your teams favor a lot. So why not implementing a rune, thats a little different than just cooldown reduction? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Please keep in mind that it does not simply allow you to double cast things. There are still seconds between re-casting. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > # Rune: In times of need > https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/4/41/ProfileIcon0978_Rift_Duck.png > **[Update2]** (When you or an ally within range is below a %health threshold(?)) you can cast an ability, which is on cooldown and has either utility or CC on it (slows excluded) for as long its remaining cooldown is (0.5 plus 10% of the abilities cooldown) seconds or less. When you do this, this ability goes normally on cooldown, but the time you lent to pre-cast it will be added to it, doubled. > Cooldown of the rune: X seconds.(?) Update1: Less burst abuse through specified abilities. Update2: I tried to make the rune more defensively (when you/ally is about to die) and less abusable by low cd champions. Numbers to be determined. (Utility = shields, heals, movementspeed buff and other ally buffs.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- > ----------------------------------------------------------------------- **Example**------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are Nami and your adc is dying. You desperately wait for your heal (w) to come off cooldown (has a 10 second cooldown). Thanks to this rune you were able to cast it 1.5 seconds earlier, saving the life of your adc, which would have died otherwise. Your heal gets an additional cooldown of 3 seconds this time (13 seconds). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- >---------------------------------------------------- **Ways the rune could be tweaked**------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- * The rune might only activate when you or an ally within X range fall below a certain %health. * Increased cooldown of the ability might be higher (e.g. a multiple of it) * The maximum cooldown at which this rune triggers can be higher or lower * Ultimates might be kept out * Most likely inspire path * Other tweaks that stop Assassins from abusing it * This rune could have a cooldown ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- > ------------------------------------------------------------------ **For clarification** --------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- This should be more of a defensive rune. The intended use for this rune is to have access to an ability (which is currently on cooldown), which has the potential to change the situation, allowing a turn around. It is not intended to allow heavy burst, simply double cast abilities. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- > ------------------------------------------------------------------ **Thanks for reading :)** --------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Original Idea: You can cast an ability, which is on cooldown for as long this cooldown is 2 seconds or less. The next time this ability goes on cooldown, it gains higher cooldown corresponding to the cooldown that was shortened before. EDIT2: Changed wording and made some tweaks. Thank you for the feedback!

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