honestly riot.. if you arn't going to nerf the other classes after u fixed ADC's...

then just break the fucking ADC's again... its was better than this shit.. the points of fixing ADC's was to do the first and most important step in fixing damage creep but after u lower thier damage and did NOTHING to bruisers or assassins. then Bruisers and assassins go bot lane. i mean that like going "captain were sitting ducks here the targeting computer is going crazy we cant shoot without risking hitting our allies, we need to reboot it" and finally after shooting down like half the allied fleet. "ok turn off the targeting computer and turn it back on on my signal" "got it captain!!" targeting computer is off" ok captain ready to turn it back on... captain? CAPTAIN? do u read Me... the targeting computer is off and i have been locked out. you need to turn it on your end.. CAPTAIN WE NEED THAT COMPUTER!!! TURN IT ON!!!
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