A thought on the whole Ranged vs. Melee discussion

So one of the things I see people complain about in terms of Ranged vs. Melee champions is one of two things. 1. The ranged champion is able to burst down and kill the melee before it's possible to get in melee range. 2. Ranged champions have too easy of a time kiting melees, making it near impossible to deal with the range. And honestly, if the second problem is tackled then the first one should be handled as an after-effect. But for dealing with the kiting of ranged champions it seems most people just want to make melees either tankier or faster. Which in reality that would only add to the stat-check nature of melee vs. melee match us. Instead, I want to look at ranged champions specifically in the early to mid game. What I'm proposing is to slow down the actual attack frame of auto attacks for ranged champions, but reduce the time between attacks to keep attack speed the same overall. Why would this help? Well, during the attack frame the champion is forced to sit in a fixed location. By slowing down the attack frame, it gives more time for the opponent to try and abuse the enemy during the attack animation. Specifically, the opponent can react by either trying to close the gap more during that time, or perhaps throw out a skillshot. Essentially, this would be a small way to add counterplay to ranged basic attacks. Why does this need to be addressed? I'm a support main, and from that I deal with ranged disadvantages champions the most in lane compared to other roles. From my experience, the most difficult thing to deal with on the enemy ADC is orb walking in the laning phase. For those who don't know, orb walking is the term for perfected kiting with basic attacks, while you start a movement command the moment the basic attack is fully registered in the game. Typically as engage or poke supports, the enemy ADC is able to get one to two basic attacks off on me before I can even get in range for any abilities or basic attacks of my own. Or if I do have a long ranged skillshot, it's normally easy for an ADC to dodge the skillshot because attack frames are so short as they are. Now granted, ranged champions **should** be able to kite well later in the game, so attack speed should be compensated to reduce attack frame more than it currently does to make it so ranged champions will be in the same position as they are currently come late game. TL;DR - Give more counterplay to basic attacks to increasing attack frame times on ranged champions.
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