does riot have people who test new patch changes or they just treat the whole servers as BETA

im just asking becouse i saw the new garen and his passive to heal every 6 seconds at all levels its really something. lane phase garen was pretty balanced regarding his sustain. 13 seconds at lane phase to start heal and 5 seconds during late game. now he heals every 6 and i dont see how i can trade with a champ that heals half the dmg dealt in a trade in the next 10 seconds. before he had to pretect his passive from being hit. now at 6 seconds hes on passive all day. i think they did great job with his q banning slows and w with 60% tenatity. they gave him the tools to close gaps better with mages or ranged. but that passive gives trouble to every melee champ who wants to trade with him top. maybe besides darius. so does riot even test these champions in an enclosed beta place where they hire 50 people to test things before patches or they treat the whole server as a beta over and over again.
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