Galio is really f***ing bad right now...

Like how is it possible Galio hasn't received a single buff since his rework? He's such a horrible laner that pretty much any champion can out damage him on duel. His ultimate is GARBAGE. It takes way too freaking long to land... and it does literally 0 damage, the damage reduction is apparently offers is so !$#ing small still that I never actually manage to see this ability saving anyone... AND It has VERY VERY F!$#ING LONG COOLDOWN, and it's not even global. Like what the hell? His Q is okay, although he used to have Q bomb that slows, that's taken out. He used to have Gust that allows team to move faster. He used to have barrier to apply on targets. And now his barrier needs to have a hero to be hit in order to apply damage, that totally removes option for jungling or lane clear. His E takes him back and makes it impossible to be used as escape tool, and enemy can just run away from you even from melee range given enough speed boosts. It's just terrible. Like you took out of EVERYTHING that made galio a monster... even if MR scaling... Like what the !$# were you thinking? His Q is worse than before, it deals damage over time so people are very likely to move out of it, has bad scaling anyway, aiming on a moving target is a pain. His W is predictable and apart from tiny distraction it does nothing. His E is basically to set up close range before channeling W, but because it doesn't go through walls, it has short range and it barely moves you faster forward than just moving, it's a wasted spot. And his ultimate is F!$#ING TERRIBLE. Next thing I see is you take fury out of Tryndamere and his slow from W, then you make his E not go through terrain and you just buff the dueling potential tiny amount but then nerf ultimate cooldown by doubling cooldown time. Are you literally intending to make every single champion handicapped of doing absolutely anything? Then why the !$# you bring out insane mobility champions like Akali rework... who suffers massively from having literally 0 damage outside Q and R. I mean the !$# your doing to this game?!? EDIT: OH RIGHT, I almost forgot, the passive... yes I guess it got added for some extra damage, but it's so much nothing the damage as well have been added to skills. It deals like 1/4th of damage of Zed passive, and sure it hits AoE but when has this rework even been able to actually use basic attack to hit more than 1 champion at the same time? Maybe like once every 100 games, making it about 1 every 500 fights, very !$#ing useful. And even if you hit all 5 you probably have to much tanking gear to get all 5 in together that your damage is like 1/100th of their health.. I don't literally know... go full tank, he sucks. Go full AP he sucks. Go hybrid he still sucks. Jungle sucks. Top sucks. Mid sucks. Supporting is really !$#ing bad. EDIT: This is not to say I don't love the redesign feel and look. He feels more alive than just occasionally doing blink in R followed by Q+E and calling it a day. Other than those moments he just occasionally pokes at range and ulted if enemy just tries to get by him. My problem with his current state is the fact that the charge distance is tiny bit too low for the time it takes to get there. The Q deals a bit too little damage as well as it's basically only damage skill at the moment. You should nerf the proc runes and bring back some proper starting AP damage on these skills and up the scaling a bit. W channel is okay otherwise but this slow is just too much. It should be entirely removed and instead you should be prevented using flash while channeling or something. That would be far better than constantly relying on 1 summoner to play the character. Also about R, I don't care if I don't get knockup, I think it's not really the point of his skill anyway. Also the damage reduction % is just weird and doesn't feel natural. I'd rather have the allies in AoE range get some kind of buff like 100% damage reduction from next spell for 2 seconds when Galio lands on the ground. Either that or R range should be buffed maybe 25% and channel time reduced maybe 0.25 seconds at least.
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