Inting Sion needs to be nerfed

I get it riot you LOVE to balance your game around pro play, but can we get some REAL meaningful nerfs towards the inting sion. I know there are big changes and some buffs coming to towers in the presason, but thats still over a month away. and reducing sions hp regain does literally nothing when Sion is just going to kill himself taking towers and inhibs. Inting Sion is one of the most tilting toxic things to have to play against in quite a while, riot already said its not ban worth, so why not fix the freaking problem!? Like maybe make sion ghost not be able to use active items and does 50% dmg to towers and inhibs, or nerf the amount free max hp he gets from his W because that plus overgrowth makes Sion as big if not bigger than a Chogath, only sion has 2 giant freaking health bars because his passive. This has been and issue for over a week now, and Riot you did literally nothing to help solve this problem this most recent patch, this crap should be hot fixed right away, not left alone until preseason. Please at least try to put a ban-aid on this ridicules problem until towers get buffed this preason.
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