Can I please get my champion back? Remember when Riot said that the rework was a success in upping his playerbase? Well, if you take at that number right now, that's the true figure for people who actually main the champion. When he's obviously 'good', he gets abused and gets obnoxious playrates and banrates despite not having high winrates. When he's gutter trash like he is now, only the mains, you know, the notorious 'Aatrox' mains continue playing him. The first iteration of Aatrox didn't have many mains, this is true. It bounced anywhere between 0.1 ~ 1.5 playrate. The second iteration of Aatrox (Rickless' light rework) brought Aatrox up to about a 3% playrate before the Guinsoo + Titanic abusers showed up. The current Aatrox has a playrate (mains) of like 4-6%, a little bit better but at the same, has been a balance nightmare since release. His kit has undergone so many changes... he's lost so much kit identity. No more revive, they trashed his lane sustain, he lost his AD from his E, he lost the ability to waveclear efficiently, he lost his unique 'mutilator' aka grievous wounds + shield weakening, etc. There's like nothing left to take from his kit... Please fix him. Please when you look into giving him more changes, make him more of a specialised champion with defined strengths and weaknesses. His blend of juggernaut (threat), diver (mobility) and tank (cc) aspects are just too much to balance on one champion. Personally, I'd like for him to return to being a selfish, melee carry. You can keep him as caster or you can make him a blend but just don't put all his damage/cc on 'one' ability again please.
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