Am I the only one who thinks Yuumi isn't fun?

I feel like Yuumi is the second champion released with no payoff for playing them at any stage in the game, first being Kayle before her rework which was farm till level 4 then go mixed adc for the rest of the game. But Yuumi has nothing noteworthy of being played. Sona gets boring at times but she has a unique burst late. Janna is CC heavy no-matter where you play her, and you end up doing macro plays with her Q. Nami and Karma deal as much damage as they are good with utility. Lulu is Yuumi with an actual personal playstyle when not supporting. All enchanters can still be played outside of support and do decently. Yuumi is... gathering storm disguised as a champion. Yuumi has nothing unique outside of the Q nuke which was nerfed to oblivion. So... Has anyone generally had fun or even made plays with... Yuumi?

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