Why Edge of Night should be disabled until fixed

It isn't a 'defensive option', it is a busted terror weapon that means 3-4 people on each team can act with utter impunity. I am not seeing it 'occasionally' picked, I see edge of night more than I see fucking boots anymore. Cool idea Riot but it is busted as busted gets. Either gut the stats or gut the shield. It is like if Zonya's was 10x more powerful. Yes I am tilted, yes I am salty, but god damn even my 17/3/10 Pantheon game didn't feel fun using that shit the other day, it felt cheap and unfair. Isn't this exactly why Banshee's veil is kept mostly crappy compared to SV? Toxic as hell. It isn't "annoying when seen" like some champions or items. It is literally making every single match miserable as hell. I am actually taking a break as of now. I have never been so tilted in my life about a game as watching 4 enemies with EoN spin around doing as they please because all our CC bounces off of them.
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