I dare you, I say I DARE YOU Riot games, to tell me matchmaking isn't skewed to reach a 50% WR

https://i.ibb.co/Czvd5Dw/I-dare-you.png My Win VS lose is 49 to 29 after this game in normal games. Don't say that it's my MMr getting higher that makes me lose cause "higher level of game" and I'm not prepared for them, I'm diamond 5 to 4ish and I largely can handle those kind of games, but look at my teamate, gold IV ? Don't say either that it's opponent MMR that is wrong since ranked game aren't accounted for in normal game MMR, ALL MY GAMES ARE LIKE THIS, it was clearly supposed to be this caliber of players in the ennemy team, and obviously there's enough lower tier player, so it also was intended to have them in my team. No, the truth is, Riot games made matchmaking in a way that try to make everyone reach 50% WR, and this is BAD, it should try to match people with evenly skilled player, not try to match them to reach 50% WR. **And if you have the will to answer, please explain to me then how everyone in this game was picked, and why, cause right now I can't see any reasons, beside me having an high WR.**
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